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Thank you to these Concert Sponsors for their generous donation and support of professional musicians!

May 2024: Sonny Stitt Tribute: Lois Moody

April 2024: Nicole Ratté: Hélène Vigeant

Feb 2024: Bill Coon & Tim Bedner: John & Linda Wilson

Dec 2023: Jazzin' the Holidays with the Alison Young Quartet: The Blue Pearl Foundation

Sept 2023: Christelle Raquillet & Wilfried Touati: Lois Moody

June 2023: Sisters in Song: The Blue Pearl Foundation

April 2023 - Laura Anglade: The Blue Pearl Foundation

Nov 2022 - IMOO Fest: Bradley Evans

Oct 2022 - Dave Young Trio accommodations: Mike Steinberg

Oct 2022 - Dave Young Trio: Lois Moody

Sept 2022 - Tribute to Tony Bennett and Bill Evans (Michael Hannah & Mark Ferguson): Stephen Chappell

May 2022 - IMOO Fest: Bradley Evans

May 2022 - Epps / Gray / Crane + Lori Freedman: Richard Blute

January 2022 - Tania Gill Quartet: Alrick Huebener and Friend of GigSpace

November 2021 - Virginia MacDonald Quartet: The Blue Pearl Foundation and Karen Oxorn.

April 2021 - TBA : James McGowan

October 2021 - Mark Ferguson Trio, Keith Jarett Standard Trio: Stephen Chappell

Sept 2020 - Mark Ferguson Trio, Tribute to Bill Evans: Stephen Chappell

April 2020 - Steve Boudreau & Mark Ferguson: Marcia Rodriguez

November 2019 - Mareike Wiening Quintet: The Blue Pearl Foundaton

November 2019 - Mareike Wiening Quintet: accomodation sponsor Marcia Rodriquez & Douglas Howe

June 2019- Laura Anglade Quintet: The Blue Pearl Foundation & KM Coaching

April 2019 - Jesse Stewart, Joe McPhee, Nicolas Caloia: co-sponsor Margaret Laing

March 2019 - Steve Boudreau & Mark Ferguson: co-sponsors Marcia Rodriguez & Lois Moody

December 2018 - Bryn Roberts & Lage Lund: The Blue Pearl Foundation

March 2018 – Sharon Minemoto Quartet: co-sponsor Herb & Spice Wellington
March 2018 – Sharon Minemoto Quartet: co-sponsor Leslie Toope
June 2017 – Alex Samaras: The Blue Pearl Foundation
June 2017 – Don Washington: co-sponsor Walter Burgess
April 2017 – GigSpace Jazz Microfest concerts: Garry Elliott & Rachel Beausoeil, The Juilet Singers, J.P. Allain & Vince Rimbach, Crooked Jazz Trio, Mark Ferguson & Norm Glaude: Lois Moody
May 2017 -Dave Restivo & Fawn Fritzen: Herb & Spice Wellington
January 2017 – Garry Elliott Quartet: co-sponsor Lois Moody
October 2016 – Tim Bedner & Elise Letourneau: Hélène Vigeant, Kim Farrall and Jim Nuyens.
September 2016 – Rachel Beausoleil Sol da Capital: Herb & Spice Wellington
August 2016 – The Denielle Bassels Qunitet: The Blue Pearl Foundation.
July 2016 – Peter Bernstien & Mike Rud Concert: co-sponsored by  The Blue Pearl Foundation and GigSpace.
April 2016 – Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz Concert: The Blue Pearl Foundation. 
April 2016 – The Michael Vlatkovich Quartet sponsored in pa
rt by a private donor.

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