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GigSpace ART Gallery – We are so pleased to offer our space to local artists on a 4 week rotation to showcase their art!  If you are interested in being a featured artist please contact our curator Monica Ferguson at

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Gallery Hours:
Sept – June: Open Monday thru Thursday 3 pm to 9 pm, Closed Friday, open some Saturday’s please call first 613-729-0693, closed Sunday.  Open during all GigSpace Concerts and Events.

Closed on Statutory holidays, March break & Winter Break following to the Ottawa Carlton School board calendar.
July-August: Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm to 9 pm. Closed Monday, Friday and Sunday.  Summer 2018 closed July 27 to Aug 12. Open during all GigSpace Concerts and Events.

Dec 2018/Jan 2019 - Marlene Shemilt - When the Feeling is Right 

An eclectic at heart, Marlene’s work reflects her tremendous variety of interests. Captivated by nature and the natural landscape, she remains equally enamoured with architecture and human relationships. Put that (and more) together and you might begin to describe her inspirations. In all, Marlene looks to portray those good feelings you welcome when things are going well for yourself and life around you. Standing in contrast to the often

discouraging news reports, her paintings offer a breath of fresh air, with simpler moments and hope-filled visions of that which surrounds us.

Oct/Nov 2018 - David Glover - Here and There 

"It's not what you look at that counts, it's what you see." -  Henry David Thoreau.

David Glover has been photographing the world since 1974.  During that time he has visited sixty-three countries, most recently Iceland and Bhutan.  But exotic locations aren't necessary for striking images.  Beauty can be found literally in your own back yard.  "Here and There" shows us extraordinary images of ordinary scenes from around the world: water drops on a patio table ... shoppers reflected in a store window in Singapore ... a garden that isn't quite there.  These photographs invite the viewer to look at the world in a new way and find the jewels that hide in plain sight.

Sept/Oct 2018 - Barb van Baal - Stay (Just a Little Bit Longer)

There are some moments in time you wish you could stretch out. An evening with great old friends. A once-in-a-lifetime concert with a legendary performer. A golden summer.  In this collection, Barb van Baal captures the vivid colours of summer as a way of holding onto the moment and staving off the return to cooler days.


July 2018 – “Czech Inspirations & Beyond” – Jessica Paquette
Artist and teacher Jessica Paquette has had a lifelong passion for getting her hands dirty with paint, glue, recyclable materials, wirework, tree sap, and occasionally glitter. She taught kindergarten for five years in Ottawa before moving to the Czech Republic to spend two years teaching Art, English and Music to Czech speaking children in a public school in the enchanting fairy tale city of Prague. Her background includes a BA in Art History and English from Carleton University and she is a Registered Early Childhood Educator from Seneca College. As a child educator, Jess has held a long time fascination for the Reggio Emilia and Forest School ideals. In 2017 she returned from Prague to rural Ontario to fully embrace teaching and co-creating a new outdoor school at Blueberry Creek Forest School and Nature Centre in Perth. During her time living in Prague she became an avid urban sketcher as part of Urban Sketchers Prague, where her pen and sketch book recorded the beauty and charm of her surroundings in pen and ink. One of her huge inspirations is Czech children’s illustrator, Peter Sis. The bulk of this show of prints at GigSpace represent Jess’ travels in the Czech Republic, although she could not resist sneaking in one of her charming Blueberry Creek school rooster, Mr. Fluffy Feet. Previous art shows have included the Atomic Rooster, Chinatown Remixed, Carleton University Art Gallery & the Two Ports Lighthouse Art Show in Nova Scotia.


June 2018 – Don Hoskinson. I’ve been painting in oils and watercolour off and on for about 20 years. I find my inspiration in the Gatineau hills and when I can get there, the north shore of the St. Lawrence. My latest inspiration … I found a work by A.Y.Jackson that was painted in 15 minutes from my cottage! If he could find beauty up there maybe I could give it a try.

May 2018 – Featured Artist – Photographer Ron Lavoie – Defamilarization. 

“The technique of art is to make objects unfamiliar,’ to make forms difficult toincrease the difficulty and length of perception because the process of perception is an aesthetic end in itself and must be prolonged.” -Viktor Shklovsky (1917) Ron makes photographs to look at familiar objects in new ways. “Most of the time buildings are simply useful – containers that shelter us from the elements. We walk and drive past the same buildings every day without registering more than their function – there’s an apartment building, here’s a subway station, there’s a bank. I like to slow down, to see beyond function to lines and curves, shadows and light, to see the geometry.” Ron also has a taste for the unusual in architectural subjects. The photos exhibited here were taken in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Albany, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Charlotte, Washington DC, and Havana. Ron is currently in Berlin, looking at buildings from unusual angles.


April 2018 – Featured Artist – Deirdre Kerr-Perrott – Smile Out Loud
Deirdre enjoys capturing bright colours, light and shadows when painting favourite places and subjects. She particularly takes pleasure in painting flowers. Moving from the whites and blues of winter to the glorious colours of spring makes her smile. Deirdre paints in acrylics.

March 2018 – Featured Artist – “Mashup”

Sylvia Williams and Evan Halasz have come together to present an inspired art mashup. Both artists use their passion for art to ignite their creative senses for all aspects of life. This art mash-up, based on a shared colour palate, juxtaposes impressionism and abstract views of the world.
Taking inspiration from Canadian life, Sylvia Williams often begins her detailed work with quick acrylic sketches to capture of a moment. Many of her paintings have been developed from “alla prima” sketches done at familiar vantage points Ottawa. She finds it thrilling to explore ordinary experiences in each new series of paintings.
In his latest series of over-sized canvases Evan Halasz, Canadian Designer and Artist, explores remembered landscapes and emotions in abstract. Bold images emerge over a period of weeks as paint is layered and then glazed. The final painting is always a delightful surprise.

February 2018 – Featured Artist – Sabine Modder – Into the Woods 

Escape into Landscape. There are times we all need to get away, if only in our imagination. We seek quiet. Space to breathe. Time to reflect. The cold air is cleansing. The woods reach out, protective. Embracing. Bracing. Minds racing are stilled. Where do you go? Escape into Landscape is a series of paintings by Ottawa artist Sabine Modder. This series is comprised of thee collections of recent work: Denholm Days, Straddlescapes, and Into the Woods. For more information or to purchase a painting, please contact the artist:   Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


January 2018 – Featured Artist – Helen Wright: Capturing the Movement of Life through Art

I was born in a small village in England and moved to Canada twenty years ago. After school I went to collage and studied Art and Design. I now live in an amazing city called Ottawa! My love of glass lead my to resin which I call liquid Glass…I see paintings everywhere…especially in nature. I mix glass with paint to create stunning pieces that are mesmerising! It’s like hanging glass on your wall which looks so elegant.

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