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GigSpace Live Recording: GigSpace is an ideal venue to record  a live concert performance due to the excellent sound and quiet audience.  

GigSpace works with and recommends several experienced recording engineers who are familiar with our space:

  • Mike Mullin – Mike has recorded in GigSpace for numerous projects. In addition to being an audio engineer Mike is a professional musician with many years of experience in many different genres of music. Please click to contact Mike:  Mike Mullin.  Website:  

  • John Rosefield – With over 22 years of audio industry experience, John continues to enjoy a career mixing live and recorded sound. In addition to his Mixing and Teaching duties at Carleton University, he has mixed on many audio projects with local and national AV / Production companies. John is no stranger to GigSpace and on top of live sound mixing and tracking, he and fellow audio technician Rob Cosh have a Mixing / Mastering room to complete the project. Please click to contact John: John Rosefield

  • Normand Glaude – Norm has recorded several Live at GigSpace concerts as well as GigSpace in-house recording projects.  Norm also provides mixing and mastering at his studio, Morning Anthem. Please click to contact Norm: Morning Anthem.

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