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Adam Cwinn $100.00

Allan Silburt $100.00

Alrick Huebener $200.00

André Ferraton $100.00

Andrew Alcorn $75.00

Angela Birdsell $200.00

Anna Lenk $100.00

Anne Jolicoeur $500.00

Bradley Evans $100.00

Bruce Morgan $100.00

Cathryn Thompson $75.00

Colleen Hyslop $66

Danika Painter $100.00

Davina Pearl $50

Diane Nalini $100.00

Dianne Little $75.00

District Realty Corp. $5000

Douglas Howe $784.00

Ellen and Gerald Bailie $100.00

Eppo Maertens $200

Friend of GigSpace $100.00

Friend of GigSpace $500.00

Garry Elliott $100.00

Geri Childs $100.00

Hélène Vigeant $200.00

Ian Soper $200.00

Jacques Maurice $200.00

Janice Ruppenthal $75.00

Jazzin’ the Holidays 2019 $1325

John & Johanne Stirling $500

John & Linda Wilson $200

John Steele $100

Karen Oxorn $1500

Kathleen Eagan $50.00

Laila Biali $50.00

Leslie Toope $10 monthly

Lois Moody $1000

Lou Williamson Foundation $1000.00

Marcia Rodriguez $200.00

Marie Roberston $100.00

Mark & Marilee Alcorn $200

Mark Fried $150

Matt Butler $200.00

Michael Plevan & Zoe Alcorn $200.00

Michele Jodouin $100

Mike Tremblay $200

Owen Munn $490

Pat Byers $100.00

Peter Anderson $100.00

Pierre Monfils $50

Randy & Rose David $100.00

Raymon Kaduck $200.00

Riek van den Berg $1250

Ron Sweetman Tribute Series $2175

Sandra MacPherson $500.00

Susan McCarthy $100.00

Thank you for sticking with GigSpace throughout this Pandemic year.


The Bad News: We’re “stuck” and need your help in reaching our fundraising goal of $22,000.


The Good News: Thanks to our generous donors, along with the support of District Realty Corporation, we have raised $13,000. That leaves $9,000 left to go! 

  • GigSpace donation decals are available for $75, $100, $200, or any amount you wish to contribute.

  • Donors will receive a charitable tax receipt. Your name or company name will be printed on a GigSpace decal and applied to our instrument case donor board.

All proceeds will go toward investment in light and audio gear for our virtual concert recordings as well as essential Covid safety upgrades including ventilation system, stand alone safety barriers and air purifiers. Behind the scenes costs such as rent, insurance fees, equipment maintenance and replacement are also essential to presenting our high calibre performances. Funds will also be directed toward the completion of the Live Arts Community Feasibility study.


Effects of Pandemic 

In March 2020 our welcoming and inclusive community environment was abruptly disrupted by the mandated closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This resulted in the cancellation of the entire 2020 spring concert series, the annual spring fundraising campaign, and the Season 11 (2020-2021) concert series. In addition, the Feasibility Study for the Ottawa Live Arts Community was suspended from April to November 2020.


But this didn’t stop us! 

Under the guidance of our recording technician and musician Mike Mullin, GigSpace transformed into an audio/video recording studio and mounted a Fall 2020 and Winter/Spring 2021 virtual concert series. Through this series, and with proceeds from generous donors, GigSpace was able to hire local musicians and deliver pre-recorded performances. In addition, GigSpace served as a venue for groups such as the Ottawa Musicians’ Association and the Merrickville Jazz Festival to present pre-recorded or live stream concerts. 

More about GigSpace

  • Established in 2011, as a not-for-profit organization with charitable status, and operated primarily on volunteer hours, GigSpace has become a highly valued concert venue averaging 40 concerts per year. 

  • GigSpace attracts sought after professional musicians locally, nationally and internationally. 

  • Sold out concerts are a regular occurrence as our reputation featuring the best in Canadian jazz expands.

  • GigSpace has been very generously supported, loved and encouraged by the community since its inception.


Even more about GigSpace and the Ottawa Live Arts Community Arts Hub project: 

  • Our current location is slated for demolition in the next few years. 

  • GigSpace is actively pursuing plans for developing a sustainable Arts Hub.

  • In 2017 GigSpace received a Pre-Feasibility Grant from the City of Ottawa.

  • In 2019 GigSpace received a Feasibility Grant towards 50% of the costs from the City of Ottawa.

Thank you for sticking with GigSpace!

background gigspace stickers.jpg
background gigspace stickers.jpg
background gigspace stickers.jpg
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