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Performer Info

Are you interested in booking a concert with us?  
We are a volunteer run, non-profit, charitable organization.  All proceeds received by GigSpace go directly into running the venue.  Run by musicians for musicians.


About the room:

  • GigSpace seats a capacity of 45.  The space is promoted as an intimate listening roomwhere the artist can enjoy and interact directly with a responsive attentive audience.

  • We do not offer reserved seating.


Before you book: 

Discuss with us before you book if you have alternative plans or ideas outside of the typical concert of  two, 45 to 50 minute sets with a 15 minute intermission.

How to book:

  •  GigSpace bookings are curated by the board of directors.

  • Please send an email to inquire about potential dates you are interested in.

  • We will discuss rental fee when you contact us.

  • A $50 deposit is required to secure your gig, (which is returned at the gig). To make the deposit you can call 613-729-0693 (Alcorn Music Studios) between 3:00 – 8:30 PM,  Monday thru Thursday,  and pay with MC or Visa.  Or you can write a cheque to GigSpace Performance Studio and mail it to: GigSpace, 953 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 3E5.

  • GigSpace reserves the right to cancel a performance if the deposit and/or promotional material has not been received at least a month before the performance.


Performance payment:

Performers are paid by cheque.  One cheque for the total amount is issued to the performer.  If you need to pay band members please come prepared.  We do not pay cash.

Suggested show times and ticket price:

  • Fridays 7:30 pm, Saturday 7:30 pm. Typically the musicians play two sets.  One longer set is recommended for a smaller audience.  Start times can be changed if needed, but generally speaking Ottawa is an early audience.

  • Ticket price is $25 for the majority of events.  Please contact us if you are interested in a different price. If you are renting GigSpace just let us know your ticket price.


Days available:

Generally speaking, Friday and Saturday evening are available for public performances. Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon may be available for workshops.  GigSpace is usually booked Monday through Thursday with ongoing classes, workshops and rehearsals.

What we do  for your event.

  1. The GigSpace advertising for your event includes a webpage dedicated to your performance, listing in our monthly e-newsletter, our twitter feed, plus you are welcome to share your event on our GigSpace Facebook page.

  2. We take care of ticket sales through our website and over the phone.

  3. You are welcome to check in with us about ticket sales.


Please tell us ASAP!

If you prefer to print and sell your own concert tickets.

If you do not want to advertise your event with us.

What we need from you:

  • We need from you:  a jpg of your poster or your media photo and concert title,  a blurb about yourself and/or your band and music, the names of all musicians, your website address.

  • Please send this info to us as soon as possible after booking your concert. We need lead time to post the event,  and to send out details to publications well in advance.

  • Posters – we have space for two posters at the GigSpace. Please drop them off to Alcorn Music Studios Monday thru Thursday, 3 to 9 pm.


Ticket sales:

  • GigSpace sells concert tickets online, or patrons can call Alcorn Music Studios and pay with credit card or drop in during our open hours to pay.

  • We record names and payment on a guest list and Concert goers “check in” at our front desk on the night of the concert.


Set up time:

Load in/soundcheck: 5:45 – 7:00 PM. The GigSpace doors open a ½ hour before the concert starts.  Any rehearsing or band set up needs to be finished before then.



You are welcome to video your gig, the uncluttered background and quiet audience make for excellent recordings.


Live recording:

Contact us about doing a live recording of your concert. Use one of our recommended sound engineers or bring your own.


SOCAN – please provide the GigSpace with your setlist and the composer’s names, this will be submitted to SOCAN to enable them to compensate the composers for use of their music. Note: If you are renting GigSpace you are responsible for the SOCAN fee.


GigSpace bar:

GigSpace operates a bar selling beer, wine, pop and perrier for an additional source of revenue.  Presenters may not offer refreshments unless they have express permission in advance from us.


About bringing food:

There is an additional fee for presenters interested in offering appetizers/ finger-food/ baked goods etc.  GigSpace must be contacted well in advance of the concert date to confirm details. The additional fee is to cover the cost of a cleaner to come in after hours to sweep and mop the floors, vacuum the chairs, and wipe down all surfaces in the waiting area, GigSpace, and the room used for food prep.


Complimentary tickets?

At this time GigSpace cannot give out more than a couple comps or complimentary tickets for family and or friends of performers. GigSpace has very limited seating and needs to cover operating costs from its percentage of the door. Please pre-puchase tickets ahead of time to assure that your guest will have a seat available for your performance.


Please take promotion seriously! 

  1. We strongly encourage you,  the performer to take responsibility for any advertising outside of the GigSpace.

  2. Become Facebook and Twitter friends and share your postings.

  3. We welcome additional suggestions to the following list of places we encourage you to send your concert details to:


For additional questions or if you are interested in booking please send an email to   Tim or Marilee will be in touch.


The GigSpace Gear:

  • Yamaha C3 Grand piano

  • Yamaha custom bebop drumkit + hardware – a generous donation from Dave’s Drumshop

  • Allen & Heath mixer.

  • RCF Art series speakers.

  • Yamaha monitor.

  • SM86 microphones and stands

  • Gallien-Krueger Bass Amp

  • Two Roland Cube Guitar Amps

  • stage lighting

  • 4 music stand lights: please bring your own if you require more

  • music stands

  • piano lamp

  • stage

  • A spot to sell your CDs

  • reception/waiting area

  • 2 washrooms

  • A room nearby for gear storage and warm up.

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