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draft front of postcard sound and light

GigSpace successfully raised $4,000 to match the City of Ottawa’s $4,000 grant for a total of $8,000. The Campaign reached its goal on the eve of the Celebrate Ottawa Jazz MicroFest. The new equipment was installed and used throughout the MicroFest much to the delight of GigSpace audience members.

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To celebrate our 5th Season GigSpace will be improving the stage lights and sound system!


A $75 donation puts your name in a spotlight!


GigSpace will be purchasing new Italian made speakers noted for their exquisite sound! These speakers will be wall mounted freeing up more stage space for our performers.


New LED stage lights will be mounted above the stage ensuring the entire stage area is well lit and devoid of shadows.


We are delighted to have received support from the City of Ottawa Cultural Facilities Fund with a $4,000 grant to use toward our budget of $8,000.


With the help of the community we hope to raise an additional $4,000 through our Sound and Light 2017 Fundraising Campaign.  Each $75 donation will put your name in a spotlight on the campaign poster at GigSpace.  

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