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GigSpace ART Gallery – We are so pleased to offer our space to local artists on a 4 - 8 week rotation to showcase their art!  If you are interested in being a featured artist please contact our curator Monica Ferguson at

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Gallery Hours:
Sept – June: Open Monday thru Thursday 3 pm to 9 pm, Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Open during all GigSpace Concerts and Events.

Closed on Statutory holidays, March break & Winter Break following to the Ottawa Carlton School board calendar.
July-August: Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm to 9 pm. Closed Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Summer 2019 closed 2 weeks TBA. Open during all GigSpace Concerts and Events.

Nov  14 - Jan 29, 2020 - Mary Giles is a photography-based visual artist who captures images that invite the viewer to acknowledge their inseparable connection to nature. The urgency to document fleeting moments and vanishing existences is central to her practice.

Mary recently completed a Master of Arts in English Literature at Carleton University. A poem “Compost” and a photograph “Scaffolding Memory” about the passing of time, fading memory and the transformation of landscape, were recently published in Issue 18 “Nostalgia” of TRANSverse, a comparative studies journal at the University of Toronto. She also published a paper in 2017 on “Perspective, Travel and Truth” in Issue 25 “Truth” of FORUM: University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Journal of Culture and the Arts.

Artist Statement – Human/Nature/Spirit

Through my images, I attempt to encourage a human connection and an understanding of our tie to nature. I am curious about the relationship between humans and our natural world and the way that we see ourselves reflected in the elements and shapes found in nature. The interconnection between plants, animals and the elements inform images capturing human qualities such as roots reaching into the earth, branches outstretched to the sky, the intimacy of intertwined plants, and the inevitability of dying trees and other beings.

My current work is inspired by capturing the transformation from one form of life to another – the transitions between light and dark, new and old, growth and decay, physical and spiritual, real and ideal – and the re-creation of these forms and bodies into other elements, as well as the documentation and preservation of these transitions.



Oct/Nov 2019 - An Nguyen uses vibrant colours and intricate composition to illustrate the rhythms and joys of modern life. Inspired by her extensive travels and love of music, her cubist abstract paintings capture musical concepts of cadence and rhythm in the movement of their fluid lines and shifting shapes. Simple moments of everyday life are transformed in her paintings via the convergence of music and culture, while thematic elements of jazz and urban architecture intermingle throughout her work. An studied fine arts at the University of Waterloo and was tutored by Guatemalan artist Sergio A. Solorzano. She is inspired by the work of modern artists such as Joseph Holston and Stuart Davis. Her paintings have been featured in local restaurants and public venues throughout Ottawa, Ontario, where she currently resides. An was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and was part of Canada's response to the refugee crisis post-Vietnam War. She is the mother of twins, and married to a jazz musician who performs regularly as part of Ottawa’s jazz community. 

@An_Nguyen.Artist AnNguyenOttawaArtist

Artist Statement “Geometry of Sound”

Music and travel are the primary sources of inspiration for this show. I studied classical piano for over a decade, and later taught music out of my home studio. Jazz music grew especially prominent in my world when I met my husband. As a pianist, and the wife of a musician, I have become immersed in the world of jazz. Surrounded by artists and musicians, I’m consistently inspired by the craftsmanship and communication between bandmates, as well as by the places music takes me. Jazz represents the ultimate synthesis of independence and dependence, of the individual shining while part of a group. Improvised jazz symbolizes participatory democracy at work in real time. There is a delicate balance between selflessness and ego personified in the collective endeavour to achieve a unified sound while simultaneously expressing one’s individuality. Music has also been a highlight of my travels. My love of music has taken me from local rehearsal spaces in Ottawa all the way to the refined stages of New York, Rome, New Orleans, and Tokyo.  In my painting, I hope to depict the camaraderie amongst musicians and to offer a glimpse into my global travels while exploring the musical world. This series of acrylic paintings, in particular, were inspired by songs I have enjoyed throughout the years. The theme “Geometry of Sound” investigates, within an urban landscape, the connection between music and travel. The contrast between warm and cold tones combined with fluid figure work animates a playful world where light-heartedness rules and where the magic of art and music can take you anywhere. 

Aug/Sept 2019 - Anne Thériault is originally from New Brunswick and now resides in Ottawa. As a trained psychologist, she is intimately acquainted with the complexity of human experience and finds therein-unlimited inspiration. The abstract work is grounded in emotions, relational dynamics, and states of being that she has experienced or witnessed and is rendered through acrylic, oils, encaustic, resin, pastel, charcoal, pencils, and spraypaint. In attempting to elicit an empathic response from the viewer she sprays, splashes, scratches, burns, wipes, draws, covers and reveals. The body of her work is an ode to the beautiful complexity of the human spirit in that a sense of coherence is eventually achieved that integrates the chaotic, the unexpected, and the blissful.

May/June 2019 - John Bond – Sometimes, things just fall into place. I’ve been working on this series of paintings of instruments and the hands that make them sing for over a decade.  What better place to let them hang out than here at GigSpace?  I hope you enjoy them.  I’ve been painting and drawing for a very, very long time.  I love to work with acrylics, watercolours, pen and ink, and mixed media. If I had to chose the biggest influences on my work, they’d be Paul Klee, David Milne, and Steve Ditko.  Thanks for looking. 

March/April 2019 - Carole Comeau (Simca) "Tall and Beautiful"

I am delighted to submit my latest series of paintings (Acrylic on canvas), themed on flamboyant pine trees dressed in warm shades of red on light colourful skies. This series was inspired by autumn’s fleeting beauty and walks in the Arboretum surrounded by giant, deep-rooted conifers. Ottawa has been my home for nearly 40 years and its neighbourhoods, its residents and its blend of cityscapes and nature inspire my art.  Being newly retired, I am able to dedicate more time and energy to my art with more opportunities to paint outdoors under natural light.  I have been studying acrylics with Bhat Boy for many years and have a College degree in Art and Literature. My paintings have been shown at various spaces in group and solo exhibits, and at Gig Space Gallery in 2017. 

I hope my paintings can bring back memories of special moments of our lives. 

Feb/March 2019 - Mike Reynolds

I began cross-stitching as a way to find a new creative outlet for myself. But as I went from first piece to second piece, it not only became something that I really loved looking at, but also turned out to be a way useful tool for managing my anxiety as well. It was in that valley between fun and calming that the Rad Women in Cross-stitch Form Project started as a way to capture the people who I saw as inspirational and in need of greater representation in the world of fiber arts.  So I’ve focused on creating patterns and pieces for historical figures, entertainment legends, current activists, and, of course, Bob Ross. Along the way I have also had the opportunity to use cross-stitching as a launching pad for conversations around masculinity and what it means to challenge gender stereotypes and do things you love.


Dec 2018/Jan 2019 - Marlene Shemilt - When the Feeling is Right 

An eclectic at heart, Marlene’s work reflects her tremendous variety of interests. Captivated by nature and the natural landscape, she remains equally enamoured with architecture and human relationships. Put that (and more) together and you might begin to describe her inspirations. In all, Marlene looks to portray those good feelings you welcome when things are going well for yourself and life around you. Standing in contrast to the often

discouraging news reports, her paintings offer a breath of fresh air, with simpler moments and hope-filled visions of that which surrounds us.

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