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photo for web sound and light with names

Thank you so much for your support!  

We deeply appreciate your kindness, encouragement and community support in making this a success!


John Bourgeois
District Realty Corporation (26 lights)
Garry Elliott
Roby Frayne in Honour of Paul Taylor Bassist
Blair Geddes
Alrick Huebener
GigSpace Art Gallery
The Juliet Singers
Paul & Pauline Hunt
Jonathan Langsner
Lois Moody (4 lights)
Karen Oxorn
Sue McCarthy in Memory of Phyllis Reading
Gerry Richard (3 lights)
Marcie Rodriguez
Shirley Siegel
Nicole Ratté and Ian Soper
Jim Skeaff
Riek van den Berg
Hélène Vigeant
“In Memory of Mimi”, Linda Wilson
John & Linda Wilson
Tim Bedner and Elise Letourneau
Mark and Marilee Alcorn

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