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Beating the Odds

Katherine tells stories from her family and adds a few short traditional tales to the mix. From the light-hearted to the serious, they're all about beating the odds in one way or another. You’ll hear sober and silly tales of strange cats, unsettling encounters, and surprising ways of facing potential disaster.

The session wraps up with Noble Thornhill, a wonderful (and true) story from her dad, about unlikely redemption in the 1940s lumber woods. It takes place over a long harsh winter and heralds spring — very appropriate to this moment.


Join actor Jennifer Vallance for an afternoon of poetry, story, and song, on the subject of the acceptance of loss, inspiration and joy. Jennifer weaves together heartfelt singing and meaningful poems which have stayed in her mind over the years.  She will also recite selections from the stories of brilliant writers which comfort and inspire.

Jennifer was born and educated in the south of England and traveled the world as a photographer before becoming a business owner in London. She emigrated to Canada is 1989 and became a singer, dancer, composer and actor in plays, musical theatre, and was the co-founder and co-songwriter in the rock band Rules of Seven. She raised 2 children as a single parent and owns her film company Girl On A Wire Productions. Now living in Toronto.

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